Marc André Fortin

Marc André Fortin is Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Canadian Literature at l’Université de Sherbrooke. His research focuses on representations of science in Canadian and international literatures, and the connections between scientific epistemology and practice, and ontology and interpretation. Fortin’s work also includes research on early ethnography in Canada, modernism, and ethical issues pertaining to indigenous representation in colonial archives and museums. Fortin is currently working on a “repatriated” edition of Marius Barbeau’s The Downfall of Temlaham and on a project on science in contemporary Canadian poetry. He is co-editor of the journal Mémoires du livre/Studies in Book Culture. His work has appeared in collections and journals such as: Canadian Literature and Cultural Memory (Oxford UP); Learn, Teach, Challenge: Indigenous Literatures in the 21st Century (Wilfred Laurier UP); Editing Modernism: Textual Scholarship and New Media (Toronto UP); Studies in Canadian Literature; English Studies in Canada; and Configurations.

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