Roxanne Rimstead

Roxanne Rimstead


The World Upside Down – Teaching Culture from Below.

Making Meaning out of Precarity: Recognizing Precarious Subjects in Contemporary Canadian and Québécois Literatures. (1960-2012)

Précarité et discrédit dans les littératures canadienne et québécoises (1960-2010) SSHRC standard research grant. Simon Harel and Roxanne Rimstead. (2011-2014)

Zones de tension: expressions de la conflictualité dans la littérature québécoise et canadienne (1981-2006) FQRSC, Soutien aux équipes de recherche avec Simon Harel (chercheur principal, UQAM), Catherine Leclerc (McGill), Pierre Ouellet (UQAM), et Sherry Simon (Concordia). (2007-2011)


Livres, numéros spéciaux, Web-bibliographies, etc. / Books, special issues, webbased-bibliographies, etc.

Rimstead, Roxanne and Domenic Beneventi, editors and introduction. Contested Spaces: Counter-discourse and Culture from Below, under review by U of Toronto Press, 2014 (529 pages).

Rimstead, Roxanne and Deena Rymhs, guest editors and introduction. Prison Writing/Writing Prison. Special Issue: Canadian Literature: A Quarterly, #208, (Summer 2011) (125 pages).

Rimstead, Roxanne, guest editor. Cultural Memory and Social Identity. Special Issue: Essays on Canadian Writing, #80, (Fall 2003) (329 pages).

Rimstead, Roxanne. The Remnants of Nation: On Poverty Narratives by Canadian Women. Toronto: U of Toronto Press, 2001 (348 pages). Gabrielle Roy Prize 2001.

Rimstead, Roxanne and the Culture from Below Group. Bilingual Web BibliographyCulture from Below/La Culture d’en bas, May 2009. (Over 113 pages to be expanded and converted to book form in collaboration with Natasha Dagenais and David Leahy).

Perspectives Sub/Liminales: Actes des 6e et 7e colloques annuels en littérature canadienne comparée. Editors Michelle Ariss and Simon Gilbert in collaboration with Roxanne Rimstead. Baldwin Mills: Topeda Hill, 2009 (166 pages).

Intercultural Journeys/Parcours Interculturels: Actes des colloques en littérature canadienne comparée, Université de Sherbrooke (2001-2002). Editors Natasha Dagenais and Joanna Daxell in collaboration with Roxanne Rimstead. Baldwin Mills: Topeda Hill, 2003 (269 pages).

Beyond Comparison: Actes du 5e colloque en littérature canadienne comparée, Universitéde Sherbrooke (2004). Editors Roxanne Rimstead, Michelle Ariss, Simon Gilbert and Suzanne O’Connor. Baldwin Mills: Topeda Hill, 2005 (264 pages).

Articles ou chapitres de livres / Articles or book chapters

Rimstead, Roxanne « États de siège dans la poésie urbaine d’en bas : “voisins pauvres” et communautés connaissables. » Traduit de l’anglais par Kate Brown. Figures du siège au Québec :Concertation et Conflits en Contexte Minoritaire, corédigé par Simon Harel et Isabel St-Amand, Presses de l’Université Laval, 2012.  pp. 253-71.

Deena Rymhs and Roxanne Rimstead “Introduction: Prison Writing/Writing Prison in Canada.” Guest co-editors. Special Issue: Canadian Literature, #208, (Spring 2011), 6-11.

Rimstead, Roxanne “Literary Futures and Utopic Longing.” Canadian Literature Quarterly, #204, (Summer 2010), 146-9.

Rimstead, Roxanne “Resistance from Below: Public and Hidden Transcripts in Residential-School Narratives.” Living In Canada: Accords & Dissonances – Colloque annuel international AFEC (Association Française des études canadiennes), Université de Grenoble, (juin 2009) (15 pages).

Rimstead, Roxanne “States of Siege in Urban Poetry from Below: ‘Poor Neighbours’ and Knowable Communities.” Zones of Tension Research Team Web Page, 2009 (20 pages).

Rimstead, Roxanne ” ‘Knowable Communities’ in Canadian Criticism.” Review76 (Canadian Writing and Arts, Ed. Sylvia Söderlind), Routledge, (May 2008) (20 pages).

Rimstead, Roxanne “Used People: La Rivière sans repos as Postcolonial Poverty Narrative.” Canadian Literature, #192, (Spring 2007), 68-94.

Rimstead, Roxanne “Remembering the Unemployed: The Role of Cultural Memory in Resistance Literature.” The Making of Memory: Working Papers from the Distinguished Speakers’ Series 2002-2003. Humanities Research Group: University of Windsor, Vol. 14, 2007, 26 pages. Web.

Rimstead, Roxanne “Double Take: The Uses of Memory” Introduction.Cultural Memory and Social Identity. Special IssueEssays on Canadian Writing, guest editor, Roxanne Rimstead, #80, (Fall 2003), 1-15.

Rimstead, Roxanne “Working-Class Intruders: Female Domestics in Kamouraska and Alias Grace.” Canadian LiteratureAnglo/Francophone Writing, #175, (Winter, 2002), 44-65.

Rimstead, Roxanne “Between Theories and Anti-Theory: Moving Towards Marginal Women’s Subjectivities.” 1995, Rpt. What We Hold in Common: An Introduction to Working-Class Studies. Editor Janet Zandy, New York: The Feminist Press at CUNY, 2001, 182-99.

Rimstead, Roxanne “Histórias orais como locus de resistência.” (Trans. of “Oral Histories as a Site of Resistance”.) As Armas do Texto, editor Michael Peterson, L’Institute des Lettras da Universidade Fédérale do Rio Grande do Sul, Bresil, 2000, (26 pages).

Rimstead, Roxanne “Subverting ‘Poor Me:’ Interpreting Negative Constructions of Identity.” The Language and Politics of Exclusion Others in Discourse, editor Steven Riggins, Series:Communications and Human Values,Thousand Oaks, California; London: Sage, 1997, 249-80.

Rimstead, Roxanne  “Mediated Lives: Oral Histories and Cultural Memory.” Essays on Canadian Writing. Special Issue: Reading Canadian Autobiography, guest editor Shirley Neuman, (Winter, 1996), 139-65.

Rimstead, Roxanne “What Working-Class Intellectuals Claim to Know.”Race, Gender, and Class: An Interdisciplinary  Multicultural Journal, (CUNY) editor Jean Belkhir. Vol.4, #1, 1996, 119-42.

Rimstead, Roxanne “Between Theories and Anti-Theory: Moving Towards Marginal Women’s Subjectivities.” Women’s Studies Quarterly, Special Issue on Working -Class Studies, editor Janet Zandy, New York: The Feminist Press, Vol.XXII, 1&2 (Spring/Summer 1995), 199-218.

Rimstead, Roxanne “Visits and Homecomings: The Psycho-social Place(s) of Poverty in Narratives by Canadian Women.” Textual Studies in Canada: Selected Papers from Aux Canadas Conference 1993,  (Autumn 1994), 46-63.

Rimstead, Roxanne “Klee Wyck: Redefining Region Through Marginal Realities.”Canadian  Literature. #130 (Autumn 1991), 29-50. (Don D. Walker Award, Western Literature Association USA)

Rimstead, Roxanne “Beyond Exclusion: On Reading Poverty Narratives by Canadian Women.” Michigan Feminist Studies Journal, #6 (Fall 1991), 59-76.

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